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How to turn off motion photo on your Android phone

Don't like moving images? You can disable them on your phone


Android phones can now give DSLRs a run for their money with their camera performance. While the image quality of the best camera phones is nowhere near a dedicated camera, they make up for it with some handy features. Being able to take motion photos is one such feature, which brings your photos to life by recording a short video clip before and after the shutter button is pressed. But maybe you want to click regular photos from your phone, and motion photos irritate you? The feature can be turned off if you're not a fan of it. Follow this guide to learn how.

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At I/O 2023 this year, Google announced it is partnering with Apple to make detecting unknown AirTags following you easier. This was an important step as the popularity of AirTags has led to them being used for unwanted tracking and stalking, raising safety concerns. In late July, Google finally announced the rollout of unknown tracker alerts for Android 6.0+ users. Now, the feature has started going live for at least some Android users out there.

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How to block a YouTube channel

Get rid of that channel with unsuitable content


YouTube is more than a video-sharing platform. Still, the freedom for anyone to upload videos means you may come across something you don't want to see. But that's where blocking a YouTube channel comes in. Whether a channel usually shares contrary views, posts offensive content, or is simply unamusing, you can block it to remove its videos from your recommendations. The process is swift, and you can do it on your smartphone, a desktop browser, or YouTube Kids running on your child's sturdy tablet.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE could offer a familiar selfie camera

The Fan Edition smartphone is on course to launch soon


Although Samsung is currently riding high on the recent launches of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 foldables, the manufacturer is also expected to unveil the midrange Galaxy S23 FE this year. The smartphone has already appeared in leaked renders, followed by a confirmation from a Samsung executive about its imminent arrival. A new report is now providing additional info on the camera hardware of this upcoming Fan Edition device.

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How to set up a Facebook legacy contact

Assign a legacy contact to manage your Facebook profile after you pass on


Nothing's certain in life except death and taxes. And while tax season rolls around at the same time without fail, you can't foresee when you'll pass. Much of our time is spent online, and planning for what happens to your online accounts after your death is a thoughtful gesture for your loved ones. It makes it easier for them to sort through things while dealing with grief.

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How to get followers on TikTok

If you want to make a big splash on TikTok, follow these steps


TikTok's brand of popularity has always been the premier commodity of content-sharing websites and apps, right back to the early days of YouTube and Facebook. While the landscape has grown in complexity over the years with alternative means to support your favorite creators, popularity is still intrinsically tied to trends, and TikTok thrives on the latest sensations. But the problem never really changed when it comes to standing out; how can a single person become popular in an ocean of users trying to do the same? AP knows the struggle and wants to help; we've got a few handy tips on how to boost your TikTok content and its chances of getting noticed.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ takes another step towards launch

The tablet has passed through the FCC, revealing its model number and charging speeds


Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy Tab S9 series alongside its latest foldables at its July Unpacked event. The Galaxy Tab S9, S9+, and the gigantic Tab S9 Ultra stand out with their stunning displays and powerful internals. While packed to the brim with great specs, these tablets are expensive, with the entry-level Tab S9 starting from $800 and the S9 Ultra costing $1,200. Leaks have already revealed that Samsung is working on a cheaper Galaxy Tab S9 FE lineup, but it was not announced last month. However, the tablets appear close to launch as the S9 FE+ has passed through the FCC.

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The $260 sale price matches the headphone's all-time low


The Sennheiser Momentum 4 wireless headphones have just about everything you'd want in a pair of premium, over-ear headphones. The build materials are high quality and comfortable to wear for long periods, the sound quality is excellent, and the battery life is incredible. This pair made our list of the best wireless headphones in 2023, and right now you can get them at a significant discount. With a retail price of $370, and a street price in the $320 range, today you can snag a pair of the Momentum 4 Wireless for just $260.

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Content comes in all formats today, and YouTube was among the first few social media platforms to join the short-form video fad with Shorts, alongside the likes of Instagram Reels and TikTok. However, Shorts mostly feel like a one-way broadcast from the creator to the viewers, with comments being the only form of interaction. Google recently announced a slew of new features to facilitate engagement with audiences, better creator discovery, and collaboration for content creation. You could say YouTube Shorts is finally realizing the importance of the social element in its recipe for growth and success.

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OnePlus Open foldable faces possible delay

A last-minute change to display hardware may be to blame


With more manufacturers making their own takes on foldable phones, flexible OLED touchscreens are becoming a hot commodity. Between hinge technology, ultra-thin glass layers, and extra moving parts, there are a lot of things to consider when lining up suppliers for these phones — even the smallest piece is subject to change before launch, as we're seeing with the OnePlus Open.

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Best over-ear headphones for fitness & workouts in 2023

Work out better with these over-ear headphones for fitness enthusiasts


Over-ear headphones are well suited to channel some good beats, especially when you're putting in some hard work. Whether you're in the gym or mowing the lawn, these headphones can provide a sound sanctuary (if you don't mind the bulk). Plenty of fantastic over-the-ear headphones are on the market, yet only some are suitable for an active lifestyle. The best ones offer great sound, provide a solid and comfortable grip, and have a durable build with waterproofing. With the handpicked selections on this list, fitness enthusiasts won't have to leave quality sound behind while walking the treadmill or loading up the bar.

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You can now send entire folders with your Android device thanks to Nearby Share

The Files by Google app makes the process really convenient


Files by Google has been a staple in stock Android, and one of the best file manager apps on ROMs developed by other smartphone brands. It doesn’t exactly lead the way with new feature additions, but certainly benefits from deep integration with the Android OS when implementing stuff like Nearby Share support. Now the Files app can share entire folders from your Android device via Nearby Share without destroying the folder structure.

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Fitbit's redesign blends Material You aesthetics with personalized health tracking

The upcoming makeover is all about user-friendliness


There are plenty of great fitness apps with a wide range of features, but one way for an app to separate itself is to focus on user experience and design. Renowned for its commitment to thorough fitness tracking and health solutions, Fitbit is working on a visual transformation. The Google-owned brand plans to release an innovative, user-centered revamp of its app this autumn that incorporates key elements of the Material You design language. Fitbit enthusiasts can look forward to a sleek, streamlined interface that customizes their health journey with a variety of new features.

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The service formally known as Twitter is suing a hate speech watchdog

X brought a lawsuit to Center for Countering Digital Hate for allegedly targeting the site


Combating hate speech online may be a noble goal, but not everyone is in agreement about the best approach. The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) advocates for big tech companies to stop providing services to individuals who spread hate and misinformation. CCDH had publicly criticized X (formerly known as Twitter) for allowing hateful content on its platform, and now in a new twist, X has brought its own lawsuit against CCDH, accusing the organization of everything from flawed reporting to targeting its advertisers.

Lenovo-Ideapad-Flex-3i-Chromebook-15-Abyss-Blue-lifestyle 1

Chromebooks are often brushed off as cheap laptops that can only run a handful of Google apps, but they've come a long way since then. Gaming Chromebooks now exist, and they're only getting more powerful and feature-rich with every release. But if you're looking for a no-nonsense Chromebook that can execute most of your to-do list, look no further than the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook. Lenovo rarely disappoints when it comes to Chromebooks, and the manufacturer's machine-making prowess is evident with this versatile device. It was just on sale a few months back, but now you can get it at an even lower price point your checking account will thank you for. Thanks to this Best Buy offer, you can score it $230 cheaper than its original sticker price, with free Minecraft to boot.

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Google pulls the AI Test Kitchen app from the Play Store

Another one bites the dust less than a year after introduction


Although generative AI piqued public interest only recently, behind-the-scenes development has been ongoing at companies like Google for a few years now. Testing these cutting edge improvements in AI is usually something reserved for employees and developers, but Google allowed commoners to take its AI projects for a spin with apps like AI Test Kitchen. In an unforeseen turn of events, the company has delisted this app from the Play Store and Apple App Store, perhaps ahead of a complete and unexplained shutdown.

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Google Assistant will reportedly get a generative AI reboot

Google is reshuffling Assistant teams in a shift to generative AI


Google demonstrated its eagerness to catch up to rivals in the burgeoning AI race by unveiling a slew of generative AI features for its Workspace apps. The company's rush to hop on that bandwagon may have been spurred by the arrival of OpenAI's ChatGPT last year and Microsoft's introduction of its chat bot-powered Bing earlier this year. The competitive pressure is now pushing Google to reportedly shake things up on the Google Assistant team with a focus on generative AI.

Best education apps on Android in 2022 1
10 best educational Android apps in 2023

Now is the best time to learn something new!


Thanks to the internet, we now have an indispensable knowledge sink at our disposal. And with the rise of mobile devices, there are no barriers or restrictions to learning, which is why education apps include one of the most popular apps on Android to date. Whether you're looking to pick up new skills, get homework help, learn to code, or practice another language, there are apps out there for you. And if you're vying for apps that include basic, intermediate, or advanced levels modes of learning, you will find plenty available that work on just about any trusty Android tablet. But to quickly sort out the amateur-designed learning apps from the list of professionally-endorsed educational apps, we've created this roundup to bring about all the best learning and education apps you can find on the platform today — "knowledge is power," after all.

best-games-july-roundup 1

From the beautiful puzzle game, Lost in Play to the innovative bullet-hell action of Roto Force, there was a game for everyone this July. We also saw interesting experiments with games like Space Invaders: World Defense which, while unlikely to make it to our frequently updated list of the best games on Android, attempted to try something new with our phones' capabilities.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic cases in 2023

Dress up your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with the best protection


Samsung's Galaxy Watch-series smartwatches have traditionally had solid build quality to offer a respectable level of durability. And the same is true for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic; it has a steel body and sapphire crystal to handle everyday mishaps. But as we know, even with these materials, the Watch 6 Classic can catch scratches, scrapes, and other blemishes. So, opting for a case is a good idea to keep your investment in the Watch 6 Classic safe. If you are even more concerned about protection, a Watch 6 Classic screen protector will also help.

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