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Last year, Google introduced its language model for dialog applications (LaMDA), experimenting with open-ended conversations between people and AI. With Google I/O 2022, the company is announcing LaMDA 2, a more sophisticated version of the program.

Google says it was able to improve LaMDA through multiple widespread tests with thousands of Googlers, culminating in LaMDA 2. But it’s looking to improve the model further. As a result, the company is announcing AI Test Kitchen, an app that allows people to interact with and give feedback on some of Google’s AI technologies.

Google LaMDA

The app simulates three LaMDA experiences for users, Imagine It, Talk About It, and List It. Imagine It generates interesting scene descriptions based on the creative ideas you give the AI. It could have real applications in generating fictional scenes.

Talk About It helps tackle a major problem of language models, staying on topic. It allows you to speak with the AI on the same subject without diversions. Based on the live demo, even when you try to stray off the conversation, the AI keeps the context on what’s being discussed. Currently, Talk About It is restricted to dogs.

Lastly, List It allows you to name a goal or topic, while LaMDA breaks it down into multiple subtasks. Google will open the AI Test Kitchen to small groups of people, expanding access and test models with time.