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It's a flub. A flop. Samsung's pocket flaps are showing and the numbers are not good. At least that's what we're making of this week's Unpacked event. Daniel, Ara, and Will are putting in their say on this episode of the Android Police podcast. From the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, the Galaxy Watch 6, and the Galaxy Tab S9 series (which we didn't remember inviting to the party), there's just a lot of gristle to chew through. Sharpen your teeth.

02:34 | Flippy Floppy Mess

34:45 | Six O'Clock

45:11 | What Tablets?

54:16 | A Mixture of Bodily Fluids

Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.

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