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YouTube constantly adds new features to its mobile, web, and TV apps to enhance user experience. Some of the Google-owned platform's changes, such as the recent decision to jack up the prices of grandfathered Premium accounts, haven't gone down well with longtime subscribers. Nevertheless, YouTube continues to push on, and the brains behind the operation continue to add new functionality focused on both creators and viewers. We've seen a handful of under-testing features being added to the streaming service recently, and the makers are now adding one more — AI-generated video summaries.

In a support page charting down the release of these experiments, the YouTube team says video summaries will be auto-generated in English only for now. These are designed to give users a "quick overview of what a video is about," per the company. The release note specifies these are not meant to replace the written summaries submitted by the creators themselves.

These AI-based summaries are currently being tested with a small number of viewers and videos, YouTube said, with no specificity on the countries where they would appear. But since these summaries are currently being tested with English-language videos only, availability could be limited to select regions.

YouTube is encouraging viewers that come across these new summaries to share their feedback. Unfortunately, no screenshots were provided, so it's up to anybody's guess as to what the text would look like. But YouTube does confirm that these summaries would appear on both watch and search pages, perhaps with a disclaimer to differentiate it from the user-created video summary.

These summaries started rolling out on Monday, so they should begin appearing to users who are eligible. You can try out some of these under-testing additions by heading over to and signing in with the Google account of your choice.

While access to all experimental inclusions is not guaranteed, enrolled users will get a chance to take some of them for a spin. We recently came across one such new feature wherein Premium users could lock the screen during media playback to avoid accidental screen taps. Meanwhile, the ability to turn a YouTube Shorts comment into another Short was being tested more recently.