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The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag made its debut in 2021, with the company following it up shortly with the SmartTag+, featuring ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity for improved device tracking. It's been over two years since both were released, and based on recent leaks, there was hope that the company would unveil its next-gen smart tracker at Unpacked. But the event came and went, and the new smart tracker was nowhere to be found. Well, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 has now made its way to the FCC database, complete with a picture of the tracker, along with imagery of its internal components.

It's routine for devices and accessories to pop by the Federal Communications Commission before they are ready to be sold in the US, so the Galaxy SmartTag 2's appearance isn't surprising. The South Korean manufacturer's upcoming tracking accessory was spotted at the FCC bearing the ID A3LEIT5600, as reported by SamMobile. It details the new UWB and Bluetooth LE antenna found inside the Galaxy SmartTag 2. We also get a clear look at the smart tracker itself, highlighting a larger key ring and a noticeable lack of any "2" branding on the device.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 FCC
Source: FCC

Despite the retention of the "Galaxy SmartTag" branding on the accessory, Samsung will likely market this as the Galaxy SmartTag 2 (EI-T5600), based on the name used throughout the FCC listing. This would also help the company to differentiate the new version from its predecessor, which was launched in early 2021.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2's UWB antenna (left) and Bluetooth LE antenna (right)

The object tracker's recent appearance on the Bluetooth SIG site also confirmed the presence of Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. This would bring significant improvements over the older Bluetooth 5.1 standard used on the first-gen model. Using Bluetooth 5.3, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 should offer a boost to the overall power efficiency, while also adding the ability to alternate quickly between low-power and high-power consumption modes as needed.

The mention of a Galaxy SmartTag sequel first emerged in March this year, with another report a few weeks later adding more weight to the notion and detailing some of the new features it could pick up. There's no word on a launch date at the moment, with the Unpacked event in Seoul having concluded and no major Samsung event on the immediate horizon.