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Rajesh started following the latest happenings in the world of Android around the release of the Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S. After flashing custom ROMs and kernels on his beloved Galaxy S, he started writing about Android for a living. He uses the latest flagship Samsung phone as his daily driver, although he's a Pixel fanboy at heart. And yes, he carries an iPhone as a secondary device. Rajesh has been writing for Android Police since 2021, covering news, how-tos, and features. Based in India, he has previously written for AndroidBeat, Times of India, iPhoneHacks, MySmartPrice, and other tech blogs. He also writes for AP's sister site MakeUseOf. When not working, you will find him mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, watching a movie, or going on long road trips. You can reach out to him on Twitter or drop a mail at

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A person looks at a potted plant through their smartphone camera's viewfinder. 1
How to turn off motion photo on your Android phone

Don't like moving images? You can disable them on your phone


Android phones can now give DSLRs a run for their money with their camera performance. While the image quality of the best camera phones is nowhere near a dedicated camera, they make up for it with some handy features. Being able to take motion photos is one such feature, which brings your photos to life by recording a short video clip before and after the shutter button is pressed. But maybe you want to click regular photos from your phone, and motion photos irritate you? The feature can be turned off if you're not a fan of it. Follow this guide to learn how.

mark-chan-AirTag-unsplash 1

At I/O 2023 this year, Google announced it is partnering with Apple to make detecting unknown AirTags following you easier. This was an important step as the popularity of AirTags has led to them being used for unwanted tracking and stalking, raising safety concerns. In late July, Google finally announced the rollout of unknown tracker alerts for Android 6.0+ users. Now, the feature has started going live for at least some Android users out there.

samsung-galaxy-tab-s9-hands-on-5 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ takes another step towards launch

The tablet has passed through the FCC, revealing its model number and charging speeds


Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy Tab S9 series alongside its latest foldables at its July Unpacked event. The Galaxy Tab S9, S9+, and the gigantic Tab S9 Ultra stand out with their stunning displays and powerful internals. While packed to the brim with great specs, these tablets are expensive, with the entry-level Tab S9 starting from $800 and the S9 Ultra costing $1,200. Leaks have already revealed that Samsung is working on a cheaper Galaxy Tab S9 FE lineup, but it was not announced last month. However, the tablets appear close to launch as the S9 FE+ has passed through the FCC.

samsung-galaxy-z-fold-5-eco-leather-case-5 1
Samsung highlights how the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 are better than its competitors

Samsung's Flex Hinge supposedly adds less stress to the display


Displays are always a big highlight of Samsung phones since the company's display arm is the leader in the OLED space. And while the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 are iterative upgrades over their predecessors, their screens are among the best in foldable phones. The way display tech has improved over the last few years, you might not notice the Fold 5 and Flip 5's superior screens. This is why Samsung Display has published an infographic focusing on the new and improved displays of its latest foldable phones.

android-auto-2023-ap-hero-1 1
Google Pixel owners report Android Auto connection issues

Android Auto's random disconnection problem seems to have made a comeback


If you have been using Android Auto for a few years, you'll know connection issues are common with the app. This causes Android Auto to randomly stop or crash on your phone, which can be a frustrating experience when you are using the feature to mirror Google Maps on your car's infotainment system for navigation. The situation has improved though, with Google taking multiple steps to mitigate this problem. But it seems the connection issues are back, with some Google Pixel users facing random disconnects with Android Auto.

A person changing the watch face on a smartwatch. 1
Exclusive Google Pixel Watch 2 faces leak online showcasing dynamic theming

Complete with support for dynamic theming


Alongside the Google Pixel 8 series, the big G is rumored to debut the Pixel Watch 2. Reports suggest the company's second smartwatch could use Qualcomm's latest and greatest W5+ Gen 1 chip, which powers some of the best Android smartwatches. The design may not differ much, but Google could switch from stainless steel to aluminum for weight reduction at the expense of durability. Now, a new leak gives us a look at some of the new Pixel Watch 2 exclusive watch faces.

Image 1-8 1
Samsung silently downgrades Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 8K video recording capability

The ‘High bitrate videos’ option has been disabled when shooting 8K footage


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is among the best camera-centric Android phones in 2023. Besides its amazing telephoto cameras, the S23 Ultra can record 8K videos at up to 30fps. By default, the phone captures 8K videos with a bitrate of 80Mbps, though an optional "High bitrate videos" toggle bumped the bitrate higher for even better quality. But this led to some stutters and jerkiness, which is probably why Samsung has silently disabled this option with the July 2023 update.

WhatsApp instant video messages 1
You can now send Snapchat-like video messages on WhatsApp

Each video message has a 60-second time limit


WhatsApp makes it easy to chat with your friends and family. And when you are too tired or lazy to type that long message, you can share voice notes on one of the best messaging apps for Android. But unlike videos, voice notes lack that personal touch and are not the best way to express emotions. WhatsApp is now introducing instant video messages to its platform, letting you communicate with your friends in an entirely new way.

oneplus-logo-generic-oneplus-11 1

It is pretty common for companies to take a sly dig at their competitors' products, especially when they believe their upcoming product is superior. Samsung is usually at the forefront of this. In 2022, the Korean giant started dunking on the iPhone 14 a week before its official announcement. And the company then followed it up by asking iPhone users to join the Flip side. This time around, it is OnePlus which is teasing the launch of its upcoming OnePlus foldable by taking a sly dig at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Lenovo Tab P12 1
Lenovo’s latest tablet packs a massive screen on a budget

An Android tablet with a 12.7-inch 3K display and octa-core MediaTek chip for just €399


Lenovo is known for making some great budget Android tablets. But every once in a while, the company launches a high-end tablet as well. In April 2022, we reviewed the Lenovo Tab 12 Pro, and while we were impressed with its build quality and performance, it was tough to justify its price tag. A year later, Lenovo is announcing a non-Pro version of the Tab 12 that keeps some of the best bits of the original tablet while coming in at a significantly lower price point.

Nothing Phone 2 showing the home screen 1
How to use Android's Reading mode

Save your eyes and cut down on distractions by using Reading mode


The best Android tablets and phones are great for consuming long-form content, reviewing big documents, and reading e-books. But reading content on the internet is not a pleasant experience as before, with ads, menus, and dialog boxes popping up. This makes life even more difficult if you have poor vision, as the design of some websites can put unwanted strain on your eyes.

samsung-galaxy-tab-s9-hands-on-1 1
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 series brings slight upgrades but keeps its painful price

Samsung is bundling an IP68 S Pen with its latest tablets


If you are in the market for a premium Android tablet, you have limited options. Samsung's Galaxy Tab S series should sit on top of that list, as it packs stunning AMOLED displays and powerful internals. We found the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from 2022 too big and expensive, but it was undoubtedly the king of Android productivity. For 2023, the Korean giant is back with the Galaxy Tab S9 series, packing the usual yearly upgrades that aim to deliver a better user experience.

galaxy-unpacked-crowd 1
How to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023

New Galaxy foldables, tablets, and wearables are coming


Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23 series debuted at the beginning of this year. But that does not mean the Korean giant is done with its major product announcements for the year. Samsung is holding its second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year later today (July 26), where it is set to announce some of the most anticipated foldables of the year: the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. Additionally, the company will continue its dominance in the Android smartwatch segment with the Galaxy Watch 6 series. If you are excited about Samsung's upcoming products, here's how to catch all the action live.

Google Pixel 7a vs. Pixel 6a 1
How to disable biometrics from your home screen

Use Android's Lockdown mode to quickly deactivate biometrics and hide notifications from the lock screen


Face and fingerprint biometric authentication has become a standard feature on all devices, even on our favorite budget Android phones. They introduce an additional layer of security without adding extra steps when accessing your device. After all, unlocking your phone by looking at it or scanning your fingerprint is more convenient. But there are instances where you want additional security and need to turn off biometric unlock on your phone quickly. Instead of fiddling with the settings menu, take advantage of Lockdown mode in Android to achieve this and bolster your phone's security.

A smartwatch showing workout data. 1
The Google Pixel Watch 2 could be even less durable than its predecessor

The next Pixel Watch could sport an aluminum casing instead of steel


The Google Pixel Watch stands out in our list of the best Android smartwatches with its premium design and stainless steel body. While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 also has a similar design, it uses an aluminum chassis, with the more durable steel being limited to the rugged Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Since steel is heavier than aluminum, limiting its use to rugged or more premium wearables makes sense. And with the upcoming Pixel Watch 2, Google plans to take a similar direction and reportedly switch to an aluminum casing.

Asus Zenfone 10 playing spotify under plant 1
Spotify is raising its prices across the board

Less than a week after YouTube, all Spotify plans are getting more expensive


Over the last few years, almost all streaming services have become more expensive. This includes the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Apple Music, and even YouTube Premium. Spotify also hiked its prices in April 2021, with its Student, Duo, and Family plans getting more expensive by around £1-2 (€1-3) in Europe and the UK. Folks in the US were lucky, as only the Premium Family plan got a price bump of $1. The individual plan's $9.99 subscription fee remained unchanged, but this will no longer be the case as Spotify has announced a major price hike across the board.

galaxy-flip-5-renders-onleaks-4 1
Samsung’s MultiStar Good Lock module update adds a Flip 5 cover widget

Samsung has already started updating its apps for its upcoming foldables


Based on all the leaks, the highlight of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 should be the bigger cover display. While the Flip 4 has a 1.9" outer screen, the 2023 Flip foldable is rumored to pack a massive 3.26" display. Rumors suggest you can't run full-blown apps on the cover screen, but Samsung and Google will reportedly optimize their to use the additional screen space better. Some renders have also shown the new stock cover widgets. Now, ahead of the phone's launch on July 26th, Samsung has updated the MultiStar Good Lock module with a cover widget for the Flip 5.

The Moto Razr+ cover screen with a fall themed background being held in a hand 1
The Moto Razr+ doesn't break the way you expect in durability test

It’s not the folding screen that gives up first


Foldable phones are not as durable as the best Android smartphones. The combination of moving parts and the fragile folding screen means they require a lot more care than regular phones. As seen in the Pixel Fold's stress test by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, companies have come up with interesting design changes to improve the durability of their foldable. Despite that, Google's first foldable failed the test spectacularly. Now, the YouTuber has put the Moto Razr+ through his torture test, and while you can already guess the outcome, there are some interesting changes.

Nearby Share for Windows 1
Nearby Share for Windows is officially out of beta

Google is also working with HP to pre-install Nearby Share on Dragonfly Pro laptops


Nearby Share is Google's take on AirDrop for Android, letting you wirelessly share files with other Android devices close by. To make Nearby Share a true AirDrop alternative on Android, it needs to be available on more than just Android phones. Google expanded the wireless file-sharing feature to Chromebook in 2021, and at CES 2022, the company promised to bring Nearby Share to Windows. The long-delayed app finally debuted in beta in April 2023. And now, just a few months later, Nearby Share's official Windows app is out of beta.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 1
Latest One UI 5 beta for the Galaxy Watch is all about bug fixes

The fourth beta promises better performance and battery life


Samsung is hosting its second major Galaxy Unpacked event of the year in Seoul, South Korea, on July 26th. Besides its 2023 flagship foldable lineup and the Tab S9 series, the company should unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 running One UI 5 Watch and provide more details about the skin's rollout for existing Galaxy smartwatches. Based on Wear OS 4, the Korean giant has been running a One UI 5 Watch beta program for the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 since early June. With the stable release now close, it has released a new beta build to squash more bugs.

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