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Kayode's zeal to explore the tech world and help people maximize their smartphones ignited his passion for tech writing in 2019. 

Before joining Android Police, he crafted hundreds of articles for writing agencies, covering everything from the hottest tips and tricks to how-to guides, explainer articles, and more. He enjoys exploring new stuff, and he's always likely to jump on beta software to experience the latest features before everyone else. 

When he's not scouring for the latest Android stuff to cover, you'll find Kayode immersing himself in the captivating world of Macro Photography with a cheap lens attached to his phone. 

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How to block a YouTube channel

Get rid of that channel with unsuitable content


YouTube is more than a video-sharing platform. Still, the freedom for anyone to upload videos means you may come across something you don't want to see. But that's where blocking a YouTube channel comes in. Whether a channel usually shares contrary views, posts offensive content, or is simply unamusing, you can block it to remove its videos from your recommendations. The process is swift, and you can do it on your smartphone, a desktop browser, or YouTube Kids running on your child's sturdy tablet.

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How to remove duplicates from Google Contacts

Organize your contacts in seconds


Google Contacts is the go-to phone book app for most people. It's preinstalled on many Android phones and offers a straightforward way to sync your contacts across devices or switch to a new phone. However, it's not free of the problem plaguing most contact apps: duplicate entries. If you're worried about the repetition in your phone book, we put together this guide for you. Here's how to remove duplicates from Google Contacts on your Android phone, tried-and-true Chromebook, or any browser.

Cracked phone screen 1

​​Most premium phones are still costly, and screens haven't stopped breaking. If you're afraid of repair costs or misplacing pricey devices, carriers and smartphone manufacturers offer protection plans that help you get a quick replacement or repair without draining your funds. Choosing the right one depends on how much coverage you need and your budget. This guide covers the available options so that you can choose the best insurance plan for your phone.

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How to delete your LinkedIn account

Take yourself off LinkedIn without hassle


From scouring for new job opportunities to enlarging your professional network online, LinkedIn can get the job done. The platform offers handy tools to showcase your professional experience, make relevant connections, skill up for a career, and put yourself in the face of potential hiring managers regardless of your platform, whether you're using a browser or have the app installed on a budget Android phone. While that looks like a great way to ditch traditional documents and CVs, you might want to take a break or erase your presence for security/privacy concerns. Regardless of your reason, we'll show you how to delete your LinkedIn account below.

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How to wrap text in Google Sheets

Deal with lengthy text entries like a pro


Google Sheets is great for working on spreadsheets with lots of data in the cloud. But seeing only a portion of your entries in a document can look strange. That’s nothing to worry about since the app usually hides or overlaps excess text entries to preserve the structure of a sheet. However, if you're putting together an extensive office report on one of the top affordable Chromebooks or a simple item description on your smartphone, you can make your spreadsheet more presentable and readable with text wrapping in Google Sheets. Here's everything you need to know about the feature.

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How to unsubscribe to a YouTube channel

Declutter your YouTube feed in a few clicks


Like following your favorite influencers on Instagram or TikTok, YouTube subscriptions are a great way to view content from your favorite creators and personalize your recommendations. While subscriptions don't cost a dime or have a limit, you might want to unclutter your subscriptions as taste changes — and there's an easy way to do it. Whether you watch videos on a powerful tablet, smartphone, or computer, here's how to unsubscribe to a YouTube channel.