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TikTok's brand of popularity has always been the premier commodity of content-sharing websites and apps, right back to the early days of YouTube and Facebook. While the landscape has grown in complexity over the years with alternative means to support your favorite creators, popularity is still intrinsically tied to trends, and TikTok thrives on the latest sensations. But the problem never really changed when it comes to standing out; how can a single person become popular in an ocean of users trying to do the same? AP knows the struggle and wants to help; we've got a few handy tips on how to boost your TikTok content and its chances of getting noticed.

What kind of content are we talking about?

TikTok perfected a content type popularized by the long-dead Vine app, algorithmically targeted short videos that can be swiped through quickly and easily, known as reels. These short videos can display Cooking tips, historical facts, small business PR, personal life updates, cat videos (naturally), and platform a whole host of talented verified users taking part in the latest trends. While the app has introduced mechanics beyond reels, such as hosting TikTok LIVE streams, reels remain its primary selling point. The app has made it so mainstream reels have become an immutable mechanic on other social platforms like YouTube and Instagram, thanks to the sheer amount of engagement they generate. So, you want to get popular on TikTok? Listen close.

Cater to your target audience

First things first, what are you going to create? It helps to center around something you enjoy doing, watching, talking about, or gushing over; passion attracts viewers. Take a page out of Zach King's book, whose content focuses on his love of illusions and surprising people. Once you have decided on the content you intend to create, do some research on said content type and find creators that do the same thing. This can provide some insight into the codes and conventions expected of that particular content type; understanding your audience is the first step to success.

Choose your content, build your brand

Having a defined brand is vital on TikTok, putting a unique spin on things that people will find interesting. This need not be juggling, or crocodile wrestling either; some of the most popular TikTok creators amass popularity simply by letting their genuine personalities shine through. A good example is Charli D'amelio, the most popular personality on TikTok in 2023, who amassed a huge following via her dance videos. What draws people to her is their unfiltered personality and implicit enjoyment of the content she creates. Learning from this, it's vital to come across like a real person on TikTok and let your personality shine through your content without feeling forced.

Keeping up with trends potentially represents a huge boost for your visibility. Scroll through and keep your eyes peeled for patterns; the two success stories mentioned above are a good start. This isn't to say that every trend on TikTok is mailable to your brand's content, but there is always something new going around to take part in. Using hashtags is also very important; linking to brands and other users in a very low-effort way can still be a game changer for your visibility.

Advertisement webs work to increase user engagement in most modern online enterprises, linking your Instagram to your TikTok page and vice versa works more wonders than you might expect. There are people following you on one platform but not others, so providing a bridge to all your social media and content pages can be great for your brand engagement. Some of the most successful TikTok creators have gone on to sponsor major brand products, and being smart about your social web can be a significant pace in following their footsteps.

Keep engaged with your account

The internet moves fast, and it's easy to get left behind. Consistent content is vital to stay in the game and not get buried by other creators. Do not create two reels and leave them for a month; participate in your niche. Devotion to a content type can also draw people in, and it links back to displaying a passion for your reel subjects. Keep things lively and moving at a steady pace so people don't get bored with your content.

Listen to feedback and talk to other TikTok creators

Do not fear feedback; embrace it! Listening to your audience and hearing their thoughts on your content can be invaluable to both improving its quality and its targeting. No, not all comments that you get are going to be helpful or constructive, but the opportunity to immerse yourself in your niche's viewer -base is invaluable. This can also lead you to other creators to learn from and maybe even collaborate with. Anything is possible.

Anything else I can do to boost my chances?

There are plenty of other things you can do in pursuit of more followers, but many of them fall under the category of engaging with the platform. Watch what other, more popular creators do and implement it, discuss the latest trends with other viewers and creators, and keep those hashtags relevant. But It's important to never lose sight of what makes your content unique; individuality will cement your brand in the minds of your followers.

Follow these steps and make a big splash on TikTok

Attracting followers is a trial on all social platforms, but the TikTok app can be particularly tempting to quit. The app moves fast, and It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content and trends that are circulating daily. The key is to follow these steps and have patience; it's not a sprint. Build your brand within your niche and listen to those who do the same. The big players on TikTok made it by playing smart and being original, which will become easier the more you use the app. So grab your favorite Android phone and get scrolling!