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With more manufacturers making their own takes on foldable phones, flexible OLED touchscreens are becoming a hot commodity. Between hinge technology, ultra-thin glass layers, and extra moving parts, there are a lot of things to consider when lining up suppliers for these phones — even the smallest piece is subject to change before launch, as we're seeing with the OnePlus Open.

Reliable leaker Max Jambor has heard from sources that the OnePlus Open, the company's first foldable phone, is being delayed (via GSMArena). The original launch date had been stated for August 29, but it supposedly being pushed back to a later date that has not yet been disclosed. The delay is allegedly due to a change in plans regarding the phone's display. The Open was originally supposed to use a BOE panel, but due to undisclosed reasons, Samsung may be the new producer of the Plus's display.

The quality of Samsung over BOE may have been a factor. BOE is a well-known name in the industry, but the company was in hot water last year when the quality of its iPhone displays was called into question. Jambor's tweet suggests that OnePlus may have been concerned about BOE's panels and preferred Samsung's instead.

In addition to foldable displays requiring different manufacturing processes than rigid screens, OnePlus allegedly has lofty ambitions for the performance of its inner folding screen. Previous rumors have pointed to support for 120Hz refresh rates and thin bezels, so mass production will require the latest manufacturing tech regardless of who ends up winning the contract.

Even though we may never hear the official reasoning behind the change, OnePlus most likely doesn't want to leave anything to chance with its first foldable phone.